Brackish Desalination

  • Low cost desalination of brackish wells for municipal, agricultural, and industrial applications.
  • Desalination of brackish waters under 8,000 parts per million (ppm) of total dissolved solids (tds) using 50% less energy. Salt content over 1,000 ppm of tds is unpalatable to humans for use as potable water or for farming applications. 
  • Salt content for most brackish water is between 1,000 - 8,000 ppm of tds. World Health Organization guidelines recommend 500 mg/l for potable water, requiring a 75% to 95% reduction of salts depending on feedwater source.
  • Aqua Planet's next generation water desalination technology will replace expensive reverse osmosis modules with innovative cost effective systems.
  • All our desalination units can operate with solar power.

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Water Recycle - Indirect potable water reuse

  • Water rehabilitation, water purification, biological issues resolution.
  • Indirect potable water reuse purification solutions.
  • Ongoing meetings with CA officials on our new patent technologies
  • Some municipalities are now investigating Indirect Potable Reuse (IPR) of reclaimed water. For example, reclaimed water may be pumped into (subsurface recharge) or percolated down to (surface recharge) groundwater aquifers, pumped out, treated again, and finally used as drinking water. This technique may also be referred to as groundwater recharging. This includes slow processes of further multiple purification steps via the layers of earth/sand (absorption) and micro-flora in the soil (biodegradation).  Aqua specialty is indirect potable water reuse systems. 

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